Welcome to Ellough Park Combat Games in Suffolk

Looking for an all action fun thing to do? Come and check out Ellough Park Combat Games!

The Ellough Park Combat Games site has a theme similar to that of a modern warfare games such as a post battle run down urban town. Once here you and friends or colleagues can take part in multiple games scenarios which include; Last Man Standing – Two special forces teams deployed to flush each other out, Total Elimination – the complete take down of the enemy team & The VIP – Perfect for corporate events – as a team you must rescue one of your stranded allies – move him/her to safety and set up an effective team defence to protect them, plus many games scenarios….

The range of games will help us to create bespoke games for all types of events ranging from kids parties to stag & corporate events. 2 hours of game play with a variety of different scenarios just: £25.00 for adults [16+] and just for children [15 & under]


To save the world forces are deployed to defuse a nuclear bomb by obtaining a unique digital code from its enemies HQ, then smuggle it back to their own HQ and download the code and to eliminate the enemy. The first team to achieve either objective, win the game


This game requires planning and leadership and a well delivered plan of attack. Under time pressure to come up with a plan to rescue the hostage and to not lose any of your own men. You must capture one of your stranded allies, move him/her to safety and set up an effective team defence to protect them



Two special forces teams from different countries are deployed in same area looking to flush out each other, this time the unit has been deployed with medical back up where injured troops can have extended game lives by locating medical box and receiving treatment.